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Adverbs of frequency
1.: Choose the correct answer!
Jane is not a pleasent person. She is  in a bad mood.
My sister usually drives to work with a friend. She  drives alone.
Robert goes to the gym only two or three times a year. He goes to the gym.
John never leaves the college on Friday. He eats at the cafeteria on Fridays.

Jane goes to the beach whenever she can. She misses a chance to go to the ocean.

Carlos is an excellent student. He goes to class.
2.: Write a sentence with the adverbs!

1 I'm late. (never)

2 They go out in the week. (seldom)

3 We don't see her. (often)

4 I take too long in the shower. (always)

5 Sam arrives on time. (usually)

6 Our class isn't clean. (always)

7 Do you go to the cinema on Fridays? (always)

8 Do you feel sad? (sometimes)

9 That dirty pig cleans his teeth. (never)

10 Our maths teacher smiles. (hardly ever)







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