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Should or shouldn´t - Giving advice
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Read the sentences. Write should or shouldn´t
1)If it´s rainy you  take an umbrella.
2)Tom    eat so many lollipops. It´s bad for his teeth.
3) a)  I drink hot tea if I have a sore throat?
    b) Yes, you .
4) They have a test tomorrow. They   go to the cinema . They  stay at home and study!
5) Children  eat  lots of vegetables but they   eat lots of sweets.
6) I have a party tonight. What  I wear?  A dress or a pair of trousers?
7) The doctor said: "_ You   eat healthy food. You  eat fast food. You   watch so much  
    TV. You   walk 1 hour a day. You  drink fruit juice and water. You   drink wine or beer
Look at the pictures . Make sentences giving advice to these people . Use should.
   He has a      so  
                 He has a  so  
   He has a  so
  He has a  so
   He has a  so





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