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Third Conditional Statements
If1 you2 had saved3 your money, you4 could5 have6 bought7 a new computer.
If1 you2 had studied3 harder, you4 would5 have6 passed7 the test.
If1 I2 had gone3 to the party, I4 might5 have6 enjoyed7 myself.
1.  + 2.  + 3.  , + 4.  + 5.  + 6.  + 7.
Controlled Practice:
Match the If clauses with their endings.
 1. If I had left the house earlier,                   A. You would have arrived before class started.
 2. If you had asked her on a date,                B. I would have arrived before the store closed.
 3. If I had gone out for dinner,                     C. She would have said "yes." 
 4. If you had woken up earlier,                    D. I would have said "hello."
 5. If I had seen you at the party,                  E. I wouldn't have had to wash the dishes.
Free Practice:
Write or discuss endings to the following If clauses:
1. If I had carefully saved my money,
2. If I had studied harder in middle school,
3. If I had gotten up earlier today,





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