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Complete the sentences using the most appropriate verb from the list, some verbs are in the negative:


accept - apply - be - be - be able to adopt - become - buy - buy - close - get - get married - give - go - have - have to pay - make - park - read - study - train - want - watch
Example: If she had more money, she would buy a new dress.


1) Peter on holiday if he (not) his mortgage.

2) Martha “Titanic” tonight if her TV (not) broken.

3) If Alex for the job at the clothes store, she a discount.

4) Jordan a new computer if his employer him a pay rise.

5) Gabrielle might a baby next month if social services her application.

6) If you really a good job, you harder.

7) If Oscar and James , Oscar my uncle.

8) Nathaniel a very good taxi driver if he (not) so recklessly.

9) If Jules more, he (not) so many mistakes.

10) The Olympic swimming team in the sea, if the official swimming pool .



Match the sentences above to the pictures below:






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