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House - Read and match worksheet preview
House - Read and match

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Rooms in a house worksheet preview
Rooms in a house

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MY HOUSE(with video)-drag and drop

Rooms in the house worksheet preview
Rooms in the house

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Choose the correct option
 Match the definitions to the parts of the house. Write the corresponding letter in the box
1.-In this room you have dinner with your family                       a) bedroom
2.-In this room you keep food and cook                                  b) bathroom
3.-Here you keep books and do your homework                     c) dining room
4.-In this room you sleep                                                         d) kitchen
5.-In this room you take a shower                                            e) studio
Write the object that doesnŽt go in these rooms
1.- In the kitchen there is a....     fridge / stove / shower       
2.- In the bedroom there is a      washbasin / desk / bed      
3.- In the bathroom there is a     toilet / armchair / bath        
4.- In the living room ther is a     sofa / armchair / sink        
5.- In the dining room there is a  table / chair / bookshelf    
Complete the text with parts of the house.
When my friends visit me at home, they wait for me in the..., then we go to my  and we watch some videos. After a while we go to the  to have something to eat, but before we go to the  to wash our hands.





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