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1. Look at Donald Duck's family tree. Read the sentences and choose the right answer.
1. Scrooge McDuck is Donald Duck's 
2. Quackmore Duck is Hortense McDuck's
3. Quagmire McDuck is 'Dirty' Dingus McDuck's
4. Molly Mallard is 'Dirty' Dingus McDuck's
5. Jake McDuck is Molly Mallard's
6. Della Duck is Donald Duck's
7. Huey, Dewey and Louie are Duck and Della's
8. Fergus McDuck is Donald Duck's
9. Huey Duck is Donald Duck's
10. Scrooge McDuck is Quackmore Duck's
11. Quackmore Duck is Duck's
12. Della Duck is Hortense McDuck's
13. Downy O'Drake is Della Duck's
14. Della Duck is Scrooge McDuck's
15. Hortense and Quackmore Duck are Donald Duck's
16. Downy O'Drake is Angus McDuck's
17. Hortense McDuck is 'Dirty' Dingus McDuck's
18. Molly Mallard is Downy O'Drake's
19. Louie Duck is Quackmore Duck's
20. Matilda McDuck is Della Duck's
2. Mark the following statements true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones.
a) Angus McDuck's is Hortense McDuck's father   
b) Fergus McDuck is Della Duck's grandfather   
c) Downy O'Drake is Fergus McDuck's sister    
d) Angus McDuck is Quagmire McDuck's father-in-law   
e) Hortense McDuck is Fergus McDuck's daughter   
f) Huey Duck is Louie Duck's cousin   
g) Scrooge McDuck is 'Dirty' Dingus McDuck's uncle   
h) Hortense McDuck is Scrooge McDuck's sister   
i) Duck is Donald Duck's brother   
j) Jake McDuck is Molly Mallard's nephew   



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