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The Third Conditional downloadable exercises:
IF Clauses (3rd of the SET) - Special Tense Use (2/2) - If + Past perfect + would have... or other modals
This is the 2nd ws of the Special tense use, and the 3rd worksheet of the set on if-clauses.KEY included. Very simple rules plus 3 different types of exercises on meaning and form, with different difficulty levels. Have a nice day/evening! :)))
Level: advanced
Age: 14-17
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The third conditional
Itīs a worksheet with a short explanation of the use of the third conditional and three activities to practise.
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The Third Conditional 3/3
You can find theory and exercises about the Third Conditional
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Exercises on the third conditional.
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The Day Everything Went Wrong--Third conditional
Students can practice identifying the 3rd conditional,writing sentences using the third conditional,orally retelling a sequence of events, and composing a logical continuation of the events.
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The Third Conditional
by Nuria Ortiz

Level: intermediate
Age: +14

Itīs an activity to practise the third conditional in context. I hope you find it useful.


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We use the third conditional to talk about unreal situations in the PAST.
The subordinate clause (if-clause) is always in the PAST PERFECT tense. The main clause in the conditional (would have + participle)
- "If I had known her telephone number, I would have phoned her"
(It means that you didn't have her telephone number and you didn't phone her)
1. Complete the following sentences with the THIRD CONDITIONAL. Use abbreviations for the negative verbs:
   a) If Jane  (not/lose) her job as a sales representative in London, she  (not/move) to Edinburgh.
b) If she  (not/move) to Edinburgh, she  (not/find) a job in a new company.
c) If she  (not/find) a job in the new company, she  (not/meet) Adam.
d) If she  (not/meet) Adam, they  (not/fall) in love.
e) If they  (not/fall) in love, Adam  (not/ask) Jane to marry him.
   f) If Michael's alarm clock  (ring) on time, he  (have) time to have breakfast at home.
g) If he  (have) breakfast and home, he  (feel) more relaxed.
h) If he  (feel) more relaxed, he  (not/drive) so fast.
i) If he  (drive) slowly, he  (see) the "STOP" sign.
j) If he  (see) the sign, he  (not/crash) against the other car.
2. Choose the correct ending for the following sentences:
a) If the weather had been better yesterday,
b) If Jane had arrived on time last night,
c) If I had studied more for my exams,
d) We would have had a wonderful weekend
e) The party would have been funnier



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