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Glitter Graphics

1. Complete the sentences using a conditional, then join the sentences with the pictures:
a) If the skirt hadn't been so cheap, I  (not/buy) it.
b) If you hadn't chosen the fairy fancy dress, you  (not/win) the first prize.
c) If you listen to your earphones too loudly, you  (probably/have) hearing problems when you get older.
d) If I were you, I  (go) to the disco with my friends.
e) If you pay a bit more for your hotel room, you  (get) one with a good view.
f) If my car broke down again, I  (not/take) it to that garage. They are not serious.
2. Choose the correct ending for the conditional sentences:
a) If I were you,
b) If Jane was rich,
c) If I fail my exams,
d) She would have sent you a Christmas card
e) Dave would have broken up with Claire
f) I would see that film with you
g) Annie will never pass her exams
h) Albert won't buy a new car
i) The theatre play would have been a great success
j) What would you do
k) If your brother found a briefcase full of money in the street,
l) If we won the first prize in the competition,
m) If I had told my parents the truth,
n) If the students pay more attention in class,





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