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Rooms in a house worksheet preview
Rooms in a house

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Furniture (drag and drop)

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Home sweet home
Level: elementary
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Home sweet home - parts of a house & furniture (B&W + KEY included)
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Home, Sweet Home – comprehension, rooms of a house and prepositions [4 tasks + tasks suggested] ((2 pages)) ***editable
Level: elementary
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 558



A. Identify the different types of houses.



B. Where do you live? Do you live in a city, in a town, in a village, in the suburbs or in a seaside town?
Identify these places according to the definition.
1.   It's a town near the sea.
2. I'ts an area or town near a large city but away from its centre, where there are many houses, specially for middle-class people. 
3.  It's a very small town in the countryside.
4.  It's a large important town.
5.  It's a place where people live and work that is larger than a village and smaller than than a city. 
C. Look at the rooms of the house and write the missing words.
1.      In the k there is a m and a c. We use them to cook.
  2.     In the b there are 3 black c on the floor. There is a b,
     a c, a m , two b and a p on the wall. 
       3.  In the l  there is a c in the middle of the room.
D. Label the pictures.

 It's a

 It's a

It's a 

It's a

 E. Choose the odd word out.

1. Types of houses:

2. Parts of the house:

3. Rooms of the house:

4. Furniture/Electrical Appliances:

5. Household Chores:


Good Work!!  
Cristina Teixeira 





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