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I.                  Write the sentence.


A.           Miguel has a dog.                    has a do

              B.           His car                                    His car is red.
              C.           playing soccer                         I like playing soccer.

D.           Maria looks for her shoe.             for her

               E.           going camping                        We are going camping.

II.                 Write the subject and predicate of the sentences in the correct boxes.

                    Sentence                                                  Subject (phrase)                                       Predicate
My dog eats pizza.

Paola sits.

My friend lives in a tree.

I go to the bathroom.

The flower is beautiful.


     III.        Capitalize and add a period to each sentence.


             he man is tall

             y mom is happy

             e plays with his dog

             am sits in the chair

             he alien flies in a rocket





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