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a- Choose the right option : 
1- There should be  police officers .
2- There are  cars on the street.
3- There is  crime in the city.
4- There should be  pollution in São Paulo.
5- We need  public transportation in our city.
6- There  enough buses in our country.
7- There  enough parking in Rio de Janeiro.
8- There should be  noise near my house.
9- There are  motorcycles on the streets.
10- There is  crime in Recife.
11- We don't have  signs on the highways.
12- There should be  subway lines in São Paulo.
13- There  enough parking lots in the city.
14- When you drive at 6:00 pm, there is  traffic.
15- There aren't enough bicycle  in the parks.
16- I always buy newspaper in a news.
17- I hate driving with traffic .
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