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Conditionals - Review


a) Write the verbs in brackets in their correct forms.

b) Answer the question according to what you understand from the sentence. Choose the correct answer.


Ł If I went to the cinema, I would watch (to watch) interesting films.

Ł Do you watch interesting films?

1. If you (to wait) a minute, I'll come with you.

QuestionWill I come with you?

2. If I went anywhere, it (to be) Australia.

QuestionAre you going to Australia?

3. We (to watch) TV tonight if Peter hadn't bought the theatre tickets.

QuestionDid Peter buy the theatre tickets?

4. Would you go out more often if you (not/to have) to do so much in the house?

QuestionDo you go out more often?

5. If he hadn't missed the train, he (to arrive) here in time.

QuestionDid he arrive in time?

6. I will miss the school bus if I (not/to get up) early.

QuestionWill I miss the school bus?

7. We could have helped John if we (to know) about his problems.

QuestionDid we help John?

8. If we (to cycle) to Dresden, it will be a fantastic trip.

QuestionAre we going to cycle to Dresden?

9. If I go to Leipzig, I (visit) the zoo.

QuestionAre going to Leipzig?

10. If I were a millionaire, I (live) in Beverly Hills.

QuestionAm I living in Beverly Hills?

11. If we had read the book, we (understand) the film.

QuestionDid we understand the film?

12. I could have arrived in time if I (miss) the train.

QuestionDid I arrive in time?

13. If the teacher explains the grammar once more, I (score) better on the test.

QuestionDid you take the test?

14. My friend would stay longer in Vienna if he (have) more time.

QuestionWill my friend stay longer in Vienna?

15. If it had not rained I (go) for a walk.

QuestionDid it rain?





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