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FIRST CONDITIONAL SENTENCES                                       

1.- You look more fashionable if you cut your hair short.                         

2.- If the art gallery (sell) my paintings, it will make me happy .
3.-You  do well in your test unless you study. 
4.- If I   (have) time this weekend, I will help my father in the garden.
5.- She   get a better job if she speaks English.
6.- We move to the city centre unless I find a nice flat.
7.- If you  (make) so much noise, I won't be able to sleep.
8.-It it rains, we  go for a picnic.
9.- If there are no buses, I   take a taxi.
10.- Our neighbours complain if the dog keeps barking at night.
11.- I finish my homework unless you help me.
12.- You get ill if you eat all the sweets.
13.- You won't undertand unless you  (listen) carefully.
14.-I phone Sarah  if there are any messages for her.
15.- If my fatther  (give) me some money, I will invite you for dinner.
16.- If you drive so carelessly, you  (have) an accident.
17.- If she pass her exams, she won't go on holiday.
18.- Be careful! He  fall over if you push him.
19.-His mobile phone will break if he  (drop) it. 
20.- If you throw the ball, I catch it. 





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