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Adverbs and Adjectives
Identify the underlined word as an adjective or an adverb.
1.  We cooked homemade soup last night.                       
2.  Amy visits New Hampshire often.                                
3.  I never go swimming alone.                                         
4.  Stan shops at the new market in town.                         
5.  Diane easily made the highest score.                            
6.  Soon the room was filled with people.                          
7.  The music played loudly.                                              
8.  The mail came later yesterday.                                     
9.  The bedroom curtains need to be replaced.                 
10.  Marianne purposely ignored the puppy.                     
11.  I am seldom in a bad mood.                                       
12.  Now, we can begin again.                                          
13.  Ben always watches cartoons.                                    
14.  The garbage truck whizzed by.                                    
15.  Go north on Ryan Avenue.                                          
16.  Jackie read your letter twice.                                       
17.  Donna left the junior hall in a hurry.                             
18.  The coins rolled everywhere.                                      
19.  Barbecue should be cooked on a low flame.               
20.  Jim replied cautiously.                                                  





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