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WISHES about present events: WISH + past simple
                                              I am not very tall . I wish I were taller
                                              My father only speaks Spanish. He wishes he spoke English or French
WISHES about past events: WISH + past perfect
                                               We couldn't attend the meeting. We wish we had attended the meeting.
                                               I rained so hard that the party was cancelled. I wish it hadn't rained 
WISHES about future events: WISH + would/could (use always when talking about annyoing habits)
                                               He leaves his clothes on the floor and his room is a mess. I wish he tidied up after himself
                                               Mr. Urban wants to have an interview with you. He wishes you would meet him next week
IF ONLY is used to make emphatic wishes:
                                              I can't restart the computer. If only I knew how to fix it!
                                              We are completely lost. If only you had brought your GPS!

Complete the sentence with the correct tense of the verb in brackets.
1. We always have to take the bus home. I wish we (not live)  so far from the city centre
2. We are completely soaked. I wish we (bring)  the umbrella
3. He is always whistling. I wish he (not do)  that all the time
4. We are having a wonderful holiday on the beach. I wish you (be)  here
5. This computer is useless. I wish my parents (choose)  a better one when they bought it
6. She's got a new job but she feels bored. She wishes her boss (give)  her more responsibility.
7. He's sorry he missed the wedding ceremony. He wishes he (go)
8. I wish my neighbours (not make)  so much noise. I can hardly sleep at night
9. Citizens wish their leaders (start)  doing something to improve the economic situation
10. They have lots of money. Even so, they wished they (have)  more and more
Write a sentence using  "wish"
1. I ate too  much and now I have stomachache.
2. His parents would like him to look after himself
3. I can't smoke anywhere now. The anti-smoking law is so restrictive!
If only
4. It's a pity we don't own a boat, I love sailing.
5. My pupils keep talking in class all the time and I can't handle it.
6. Visiting the museum was interesting but it would have been nicer to go to the beach
7. Next Christmas I would like to stay at home for a change
 next Christmas 
8. He never brings me flowers on our anniversary
9. I failed all my exams. I should have studied harder.
If only
10. I don't like being so tall
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