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1.     We would rather you  (allow) us to stay than  (show) where the nearest hotel is.


2.    He would rather  (save) up than  (spend) all his money.
3.    We would rather  (read) the article now by ourselves than  (listen) to your retelling.


4.    They would rather she  (make) her own mistakes in her test tomorrow than  (do) the work for her.
5.    They would rather I (shovel) the snow on my own, than  (help) me.

6.    She would rather  (make) her own exercises than  (use) the ones that are wrongly made.
7.    The boy would rather his teacher  (give) him a bad mark than  (flatter) to her all along.
8.    My mother would prefer   (send) me to study abroad rather than  (waste) my time on inferior education.
9.    The students would rather  (study) the same thing over and over again than  (get) bad marks in their tests.
10. The pilot would rather the terrorists  (get) what they demanded than  (threaten) the passengers.










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