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Rooms in a house worksheet preview
Rooms in a house

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What are they going to do when they get home?

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MY HOUSE(with video)-drag and drop

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Choose the right room where everyone is in at the moment.
The family is at home. What are they doing?


Lunch is over and the dining room table is set for tea.
Father is in the watching TV.
Mother is in the  making some tea.
I am in the  taking a bath.
My brother, Bob, is sweeing the path in the .
Grandmother is in the  , washing my skirt.
Grandfather is in the  putting on a shirt.
My sister is in her  , playing with her toys.
Blackie, our dog, is sleeping outside in the .
Find the rooms of the house in the crossword puzzle
Where was the picture taken?


Enjoy your work :-)







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