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Find the adverbs of these adjectives:

nice - 

loud -

sad -

quick -

happy -

beautiful -

slow -

angry -

easy -

hungry -

quiet -

careful -

good - well
fast - fast
hard - hard
near - near
good -
near -
fast -
hard -

a funny monkey

* adjectives: with

am, is, are, was, were
feel, taste, smell, look, sound
feel, taste, smell, look, sound 
grow, turn, become

before a noun

* adverbs:

with verbs:

She dances well.

 He writes carefully.

He slowly came closer.

 They ran fast


Choose an adverb from the list to make the story more interesting!

Yesterday Anne and Peggy  went to the zoo. They  walked over to the monkeys´ cage. The monkeys were  eating peanuts. One of them sat  in a corner. It didn´t have any peanuts. The two girls felt sorry for the monkey. They watched it and then Anne said  , ”The poor little monkey is sad. Let´s  run over to the kiosk and buy some peanuts for it.” So they did. They  took a peanut and  put it in the cage. The little monkey  came over and  looked at the peanut. Then he  took it and ate it  . Suddenly the zookeeper shouted  , “Don´t feed the animals !” The girls  ran away. They came to the lions. The lions were  walking up and down the cage. The girls watched  as the zookeeper gave the lions their food. The lions  ran to the door, and they ate the meat  . They roared  , and the girls  went on.





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