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Frequency adverbs worksheet preview
Frequency adverbs

Adverbs of frequency worksheet preview
Adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of Frequency worksheet preview
Adverbs of Frequency

adverbs of frequency worksheet preview
adverbs of frequency

Parts of Speech worksheet preview
Parts of Speech

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Adverbs of Frequency

Always - 100%
Usually - 75%
Often - 50%
Sometimes - 25%
Never - 0%
Complete the sentences with the correct adverb.
I  (100%) play with blocks.
I  (25%) make puzzles.
I  (0%) play football.
   I  (0%) play tennis.
   I  (50%) play football.
   I  (100%) play basketball.
Read the text and answer the questions.
    My name is Mary and I'm eleven years old.
    On weekdays I always get up at seven o'clock because I have lessons, but on Saturday and Sunday I never get up early, I usually get up after nine o'clock.
    On Saturdays I always have piano lessons. Then I usually have lunch at my grandmother's house. We sometimes go the café after lunch and I always ask for an ice-cream, but my grandmother never buys me one!
    On Sundays my parents and I always go out for lunch and in the afternoon we do an activity together. We sometimes go to the beach when the weather is nice. When it's raining, we usually go to ther cinema. I love the cinema!
What is her name?
How old is she?
What time does she get up on weekdays?
She gets up...
at eight o'clock.
after nine o'clock.
at seven o'clock.
And on Saturday and Sunday?
She gets up...
at eight o'clock.
after nine o'clock.
at seven o'clock.
What does Mary do on Saturday mornings?
Complete with the correct adverb, according to the text.
Mary  has piano lessons on Saturdays.
She  has lunch with her grandmother.
They  go to the café after lunch and Mary  asks for an ice-cream, but her grandmother  buys her one.
On Sundays Mary and her parents  go out for lunch.
They  go to the beach, but when it's raining they  go to the cinema.
Complete the crossword with the adverbs.
1 - 100%
2 - 25%
3 - 50%
4 - 0%
5 - 75%
Put the words in the correct order.
1 - sometimes/get up/ I/ eight o'clock.
2 - I / go to school/ late/never
3 - do my homework / always / I
4 - often / I / go out
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