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HOMOPHONES-1/3 (editable with answer key)
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HOMOPHONES-2/3 (editable with answer key)
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HOMOPHONES-3/3 (editable with answer key)
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Excuse me? – phonetic ws • confusable words • 2 tasks • B&W version • teacher’s handout with keys • editable • 3 pages
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Homophones (also called Homonyms) are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.
1. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences:

The octopus has tentacles

Someone  my apple!

Mary put one  in her piggy bank.

Some flowers have a sweet


We saw a  at the zoo.

 My neighbour has a  car.

is a plant that growns in marches. .

The teacher likes to  stories to her group.

John is mixing the  to make cookies.

A is a gentle animal.

They love to

Her house was for .

People shake hands when they

Vegetarians don't eat

A  fights for his king.

Owls don't sleep at


 is my brother's favourite colour.

Grandpa  the candles of his birthday cake.

2. Click on the correct option.




The boy is digging a whole.
The boy is digging a hole .
Tracy is learning to read .
Tracy is learning to reed .
The pale  is full of water.
The pail  is full of water.




You've got mail !
You've got male !
Yummy!I love chocolate moose
Yummy!I love chocolate mousse!
The lobster has big claws .
The lobster has big clause .
3. Match the words from column 1 to the homophones on column 2.
1. cereal  stare
2. root  no
3. days  route
4. stair  hear
5. links  idle
6. here  serial
7. know  lynx
8. idol  daze
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  by Anna Pessoa





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