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Giving Directions worksheet preview
Giving Directions

Giving directions worksheet preview
Giving directions

Giving directions (listening) worksheet preview
Giving directions (listening)

Giving directions worksheet preview
Giving directions

Useful language: Describing Places worksheet preview
Useful language: Describing Places

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CITY vs COUNTRYLIFE - TEST (7th grade) key included
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Describing Places Guided writing. Adjectives
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The City and the Countryside
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Age: 11-14
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1. Write the word in the box.


2. Click on this symbol , listen and choose the right image.
3. Look and read. Choose Yes or No.
                                                      Yes        No
     There are three mountains.                 
     There's a volcano.                              
     There's a wood.                                 
     There's a beach.                                 
     There are two bridges.                        
     There are two rivers.                           





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