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This is my†family

1. Listen to the song.

2. Read the text and write the names.

††††††††† ††

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Hello! My name is Brenda. This is my family tree. There are fourteen members in my family.
My parents are Frank, my dad, and Joey, my mum. They are very nice.
I've got†a big†brother. His name is Jack.
Iíve got a baby sister. Her name is Sara.
I like my grandparents. My grandad is Henry and my grandma is Helen.
My dad's brother is Jerry and he is married to Sandra.
They've got one child. Her name is Britney.
My dadís sister is Julia and she is married to Derek.
Theyíve got two children: Paul and Laura.
3. Look at Brenda's family. Write the number in the box and unscramble the word.
†† †† †† 1††††† †

1 ioucsn††† cousin

2 setirs††† †

3 amargnd

4 umm††† †

5 thorber††

6 apanrgd

7 nuat††††† †

8 clune††† †

9 add†††††† †

10 sconiu

†† † †††
4. Who is it? Read the sentences and write the names.
1. líve got five cousins. I havenít got any brothers or sisters.† Britney
2. líve got two sisters and three cousins.
3. líve got a sister and four cousins. I havenít got any brothers.
4. líve got a big brother, a baby sister and three cousins.





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