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let / make / help / have + object + verb:

a) My father won't let me stay out late.
b) My parents make me do my homework when I come home after school.
c) My brother never helps me (to) clean the bedroom.
     Note: In conversation you can also say help me to do something,but this is much less common.
d) My mother has me do my homework after school.

/ want / ask / tell + object + to + verb:

a) I can't get him to clean up our room.
b) My parents want me to study medicine.
c) I have to ask them to drive me to school.
d) My wife is always telling me to slow down.

I let him/her = I give him/her permission.
I make him/her = He/she has to...
I have him/her = I ask him/her, and he/she does the action.
I get him/her = I persuade him/her to...


I. Complete the sentences with suitable verbs and pronouns.
a) My kids play video games too much. I always try to do their homework before dinner,but they play video games instead.
b) My mother won't use the car. I have to to drive me everywhere.
c) Our kids never clean the house. We can't even to clean up their own rooms.
d) My mother is always to come home early. She come before midnight.
e) My parents to spend more time studying.

II. Fill in the blanks with the right verbs.
a) My parents have a catering business.They me to get involved in that,but I'm not really into it.
b) It's your mother again.I'm busy now.Can you  her call me back later?
c) My mom has always me to get married.But she has also pretty much me make my own decisions.





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