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Frequency adverbs worksheet preview
Frequency adverbs

Adverbs of frequency worksheet preview
Adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of Frequency worksheet preview
Adverbs of Frequency

adverbs of frequency worksheet preview
adverbs of frequency

Parts of Speech worksheet preview
Parts of Speech

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1. Order the adverbs:

never, usually, often, hardly ever, always, sometimes

0% , , , , , 100%

2. Rewrite the sentences placing the adverb in its correct position:

a) Mary goes shopping to the mall (usually) .
b) Amalia helps her parents with the housework (sometimes) .
c) We are late to school (never) .
d) Mark is sad (hardly ever) .
e) My sister goes swimming (often) .
f) Our teacher is very friendly (usually) .
g) David doesn't study the grammar reference before his tests (often) .
h) I am happy (always) .
i) Elena reads the newspaper (hardly ever) .
j) Laura has breakfast with her family (usually) .
k) My friends are quite punctual (often) .
l) The girls buy new clothes at Christmas (always) .
m) Mike and his sister are fighting for the remote. (always)

3. Correct the sentences:

a) My sister is punctual always.
b) David sometimes is a bit sad. .
c) Our teacher gives often us a lot of homework. .
d) We write usually our composition for the English class. .
e) She is late to work never. .
f) Hardly ever I go to the cinema. .
g) We revise for our tests usually. .

4. Order the sentences:

a) Mary / punctual / always / is / to school. .
b) often / I / revise / don't / my homework. .
c) We / visit / hardly ever / at weekends / museums. .
d) My parents / never / travel / in summer / abroad. .
e) celebrate / my birthday / I / usually / with my friends. .
f) grandmother / our / at home / always / is / in the evenings. .
g) Mike / never / is / at home / at weekends..





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