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1    Read the sentences and put the missing letters.Some letters have been already given.

1    ‘What’s your n l t?’ ‘I’m Canadian.’

2    Wash your n before you eat.

3    It’s cold today – put on a s f and gloves, please.

4    He felt really d r s when Sally told him she doesn’t like him anymore.

5    Are you m r or single?

6    Matt is really i l g . He always does well in exams.

7    ‘My s u r hurt.’ ‘Take your shirt off and let me look at them.’

8    What’s your a r ? I want to send you a postcard.

9    I sometimes go shopping for an e d l woman who lives near us.

10    It’s Jane’s 13th birthday today. She’s very excited about being a t g .

11    Are you married or s g ?

12    Will you change your s n e when you get married?

13    He’s got a m s c but he hasn’t got a beard.

14    I like old clothes. They’re more c f t .

15    Steve is really h d m . All the girls like him.

16    Don’t eat with your m t open.


2    Read the sentences and write the missing words.

1    What’s your date of

2    Mandy’s got lovely, wavy .

3    Hurry up and  dressed.

4    Can I  on these trousers, please?

5    My mum is slim and height.

6    What’s your marital ?

7    Sophie’s in her twenties.

She’s 21 or 22.

8    your shoes off before you come in.

9    Tom is short sighted and he wears .

10  Have a good   at the cinema.

3   Match column A with column B to make sentences. Write the correct letter.


A                                                                            B

1         I’m in a good                                                 a      humour.

2       Adele is really fond                                     b     me.

3        Simon’s got a great sense of                     c      mind.

4          I’m not keen                                                 d     tight.

5        Phone me if you change your                  e     mood.

6        These trousers don’t suit                            f      on dancing.

      7        These shoes are too                          g     of animals.


A                                                                            B

1        These shoes don’t                                          a      on plaits.

2        My mum’s really fond                                 b     an impression on my parents.

3        These trousers are too                                c      mood.

4          Ellen really made                                        d     fit.

5          Tom’s in a bad                                               e     humour.

6         I’m not keen                                                     f      of ice cream.

7         Chris has got a strange sense of                g     loose.





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