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Possessive adjectives and pronouns (3 pages)
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Age: 8-12
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Age: 6-17
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Age: 7-17
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Kids and their brothers and sisters (+key)
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Family and pronouns

1) Complete the text with ONE word.
I'm the  child in my family. My brothers are older than me.
His , his dad's parents  before he was born, so he didn't know them.
She has got no sisters and no brothers, so she is an  child.
They are , they got married in 2000, but then they argued a lot, so they broke up and Amy moved back to her parents.
My cousin is pregnant, she is  a baby.
I and my best friend go to the  school.
Rob and Michael are , they are brothers and they were born on the same day.
Liv has already grown up, she is 25, so she is an  and not a child anymore.
2) Who is who?
Edith is Walter's .
Ned is Dot's .
Maud and Harold are Jimmy's .
Harold is Fred's .
Diana is July's .
Kate is Maud's .
Jimmy is Wendy's .
Dot is Edward's .
Ned is Harold's .
July is Maud's .
John is Edward's .
Kate and John are Ned's .
3) Use the right pronoun.

§         Judy and I aren’t English. ’re from Sydney.

§         We have got a son. son’s name is Jim.

§         I play the quitar, but I can’t play very well.

§         This is Tom and wife on wedding day.

§         Lucy is sometimes terrible, but I like .

§         Emily is married. husband’s name is Bruce.

§         They have got 3 children. names are Jo, John, Joanna

§         What’s the cat got in mouth?

  • This is Bob. You can see wife in the picture.
  •  This is pet.
  • is on the table.
  • We live in  house.
  • I don’t like . He is too rude.
  • You like Jim and Tom. How often do you meet ?
  • She is beautiful.  eyes are blue.
  • Do you want to come with ?
  • She is writing a letter to .

§         This is Bob. You can see wife in the picture.

§         My mother is a nurse. works in a hospital.

§         I don’t know those girls. Do you know ?

§         Mandy went to London with parents.

§         I stayed at Hilton Hotel. was great.

§         I can’t find  keys. Where are ?

§         It is too difficult! Can you help ?

§         She doesn’t meet friends at the weekend.

§         Where do you do homework?

4) Read the text and decide: True or False?

The British Royal Family is over 1000 years old. Queen Elizabeth is the 54th monarch since King Alfred in the ninth century.


The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace in London. She also spends time in two other castles is England. She stays in Balmoral Castle in Scotland in the summer.


Her husband is Prince Philip. They have got four children and seven grandchildren. The Queen’s eldest son is Prince Charles. He has got two sons from his marriage to Princess Diana (1961-1997). Charles is now married to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.


The Queen works very hard. She visits a lot of different countries and she welcomes hundreds of visitors to Buckingham Palace every year. She is head of 620 charities. She also discusses politics with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom every Tuesday.


The Queen loves dogs and horses. At the moment, she has got 14 dogs and 30 racehorses. The Queen hasn’t got a lot of free time, but she loves going to the horse races in May and June.


True or false?


The British Royal Family is over 1000 years old.

The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace in Manchester. 

Her husband is Prince Philip.

The Queen’s eldest son is Prince Charles.

Charles is now married to Camilla.

She also discusses politics with the Prime Minister.

 The Queen goes to Scotland in the summer.  
Camilla is Charles’ sister.
Charles has 2 sons.  





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