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Gerunds and Infinitives worksheet preview
Gerunds and Infinitives

Verb Patterns: infinitives and gerunds worksheet preview
Verb Patterns: infinitives and gerunds

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Gerunds and Infinitives
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1.Check this grammar box out and do the following exercises.

2.Complete the conversations with the correct forms of the verbs given.

1. A: What did you plan on  (do) next vacation?
B:  Marla wanted to relax on the beach, so I suggested (travel) to Cancun. Last week Marla was awarded the best employee of the semester and won two tickets, then we decided (spend) two weeks off in Tahiti. How about you?
A: Well, I was planning on   (move)
to a new house, but my company offered  (transfer) me to New York as the new manager of the east coast. I agreed  (face) this challenge and keep on  (grow) in the company.

2. A: How did the accident happen?
    B: The driver told the police and the reporters it was a miracle he was still alive,after overturning twice. He said he didn't stop (talk) on the phone. His wife has always asked him to stop  (talk) on the phone while driving. He promised never  (drive) carelessly anymore.

3.Use the verbs given in the gerund or infinitive forms to complete the information.

               eat  -  fill  -  smoke  -  take (2) -  look  -  take off  -  work  -  see  -  take

1. I can't stand someone near me.
2. She's waiting the dentist.
3. The pilot is preparing .
4. We're thinking about  an oratory course.
5. He doesn't mind extra hour.

6. I'll talk to you in a minute after I finish this form out.
7. He gave up fattening foods after his heart attack.
8. Today I happened  at a person who was staring at me.
9. I tried a nap and I felt better.  ( = experiment with something).
10. I tried a nap, but there was so much noise I couldn't sleep. ( = make an attempt at something).





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