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Conditional sentences
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First Conditional
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Conditional Sentences Type 2

Use if+past, would+infinitive
to talk about situations that are unlikely or unreal.

Exercise 1

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the second conditional.
Do not use contracted forms.
1 We would get there quicker if we (take) a taxi.
2 If you went to bed earlier you (feel) better.
3 I would save a bit more money  if I (be) you.
4 We would buy a house if we (have) more money.
5 She (look) prettier if she wore nicer clothes.
6 If you  (stop) smoking, you would feel better.
7 If I (be) you I would buy a new computer because yours is quite old-fashioned.
8 What would you do if you (see) a spider in the bath?
9 If I (go) on a safari I would like to see a zebra.
10 What would you do if you (be) on a desert island?

Exercise 2

Choose the correct word.
1 If I had a car,
I drove to work.
    would have   would drive
2 If I see a shark, I would be terrified.

        saw                            were
3 He would go sailing if he can swim.
       went                                        could swim.
4 If I am taller, I would play basketball.
        were                               played
5 What would you do if you saw an alien?
          did                    see

Exercise 3

Choose the correct item.
1 If I  to London, I  the Natural History Museum.
2 If I  to lose weight, I  a gym.
3 If I  this jacket for you,  it?
4 If I  a dog,  I  him Bill.
5 If we pizza,  we  order from the Italian restaurant all the time.





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