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 Use of zero conditionals
 This type of Conditional Clause is used to talk about situations
that are always true if something happens.

In this type of conditional clause “if” can often be replaced by “when”.

Here is a word search for you. Find the Zero Conditional Words using the help of the clue.

1. If it______,(snow) people____(wear)warm clothes.

2. If a friend ____ (tell) me a secret, I always ___ (keep) it.
3.  If people __ (save) money, they often __ (buy) a house.
4. If it___(rain), she always ____(take) an umbrella.
5. If you _____ (heat) water, it ______ (boil).
6. If you _____ (run) fast, you ______ (get) tired.
7. If I ___ (have) to study, I never __ (go) out.

 The following are well-known scientific facts or natural laws. Put the verbs in the right form.


If you (feel) sea sick,( take )one of these pills.

If you (study) hard, you (pass) the exams.

If you (pour) oil into water, it(float).


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