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Sara´s family

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 Sara's family
            Sara is a doctor. She is thirty seven years old. She lives  in a small village near Agadir. Her father is Moroccan. Her mother is Egyptian.She has two brothers and one sister.

            Sara is married. Her husband’s name is Khalid. He is a teacher.He works at a high school.Sara and Khalid have one son called Hamid. He is three years old.And two daughters, their names are Houda and Khadija. Khadija is eleven and Houda is fourteen. They are students in a preparatory school. At the weekend, Khalid goes to the sport club and plays tennis with his friend Hassan, whereas, Sara visits her parents or reads newspapers.

A-Write True or False


         1-Sara’s husband is a doctor.
         2-Houda is a student at a high school.
         3-Hassan plays tennis on Sunday.


 B-Answer these questions
        1-What nationality is Sara’s mother.
        2-Where does Khalid work? 
        3-What does Sara do on Sunday?
C-Complete these sentences


        1-Sara is Khalid’s 
        2-Houda is Khadija’s 
        3-Sara is Hamid’s 
        4-Khalid and Sara are Hamid’s 
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