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 1- Read the text and find out the correct options.
    Hello! My name´s Kevin. I´m going to talk about my family. My father´s Charles and my mother´s Lisa. I haven´t got brothers or sisters. I´ve got two grandparents; their names are Philip and Katrina. My mother has got two brothers but she hasn´t got any sister. Her brother´s names are Michael and Willy. Michael and his wife, Helen, have got two daughters: Kely and Claire. Willy is married too, his wife is Caroline. They have got two sons, Brad and Terry. This is my family, I love them!
a- Kevin is Charles´s  
b- Lisa is Kevin´s  
c- Philip is Katrina´s  
d- Michael and Helen are Kely and Claire´s  
e- Brad is Terry´s
d- Philip and Katrina are Helen and Claire´s  
e- Caroline is Willy´s
f- Michael is Brad and Terry´s
g- Helen is Kevin´s
h- Kevin is Philip and Katrina´s  
i- Lisa is Michael and Willy´s  
2- Fill in the blanks with the correct answer. 
a-Your mother´s sister is your  
b- Your father´s mother is your
c- Your uncle´s daughter is your  
d- Your mother´s son is your
e- Your father´s brother is your  
5- Find out 10 members of the family.