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1) Use the word written in CAPITAL LETTERS to form a new word:
a.)    I believe (LOYAL) is a very important characteristic of a good friend.

b.)    He is always ready to offer money or help when needed. His best quality is . (GENEROUS)

c.)     He only thinks about himself! He is so . (SELF) 

d.)    Thank you for phoning when I was ill - it was very  (THOUGHT) of you.

e.)    He's very   (SECRET) about his new girlfriend. He doesn't say much about her. 

f)      Brent is so  - he doesn't want to experience anything new, he prefers sitting on the couch playing computer games or watching TV! (ADVENTURE)
g)     His biggest problems is his . If he doesn't realize he has to  work for any kind of success, he's in real trouble. (LAZY)
h)     Harry is the most  person I know - he does a million things I'd never dream of doing - from rock climbing to sky dining, you name it! (ADVENTURE)
i)     , please!  You'll have to wait a bit, like everybody else. (PATIENT)
j)     How did  CURIOSITY kill the cat? Is it really bad to be  ? I'd really like to know!
2) Choose the right personality trait.  
a) Her brother is nothing like her – he is successful in everything he does. He can do many things, also because he believes in himself. He's very  .
b) She's very  She doesn't make friends easily and can't speak in public. 
c)  Sheila doesn't need much help from anybody. She's only fifteen, but she's very .
d)  Harry doesn't tell lies. He always tells the truth. He's  .
e)  She helped me and she talked to me nicely. She really made me feel better. Isn't she  ?
f)   He's incredibly : everything in his room is in its place. He keeps everything in order.
g)  How can you be so ? Taking a lollipop from a four-year old? What's wrong with you?
h)  I'm sure Betty is a  person. You can be sure she'll keep your secret and help you in any way she can.
i)   It's too easy to rip off a  customer like that nice old lady there, but it's not very honest, is it?
j)   I'm glad Greg is so . He never makes a fuss over things that are not a huge problem. He's quite relaxed about everything. I think it's easier to solve problems that way.