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10 things never to say on a business call

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10 things never to say on a business call

Type in the missing vowels (a,e,i,o,u).
1. "Tht's not our plicy." 
2. "That's not my dpartmnt", or "That's not my jb. " 
3. "Culd you cll back? W're real bsy right nw." 
4. "My computer's dwn, or "We're having trouble with our servers." 
5. "Ddn't you get my vice mail?"  
6. "I ws just wating to get mre informtion before callng you back." 
7. "Hi. Is Pt or Sam or Morgan or Tyler thre?" 
8. "Wit a sec. I'm ptting you on my spakerphne."  
9. "I'll se that she clls you."  
10. "I jst burid my mther."