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1. Complete the sentences in the PRESENT OR FUTURE! NOT IN THE PAST!
1. If Ali  (be) in class tomorrow, I  (ask) him to join us for coffee after class.
2. If it  (rain) tomorrow, I  (stay) inside.
3. I  (go) to the doctor tomorrow, if I  (not, feel) well.
4. I  (study, usually) English, if I  (have) time.
5. When I  (go) to the beach, I  (take, always) an umbrella.
6. When I  (go) to the beach this afternoon, I  (take) an umbrella.
7. Before I  (go) to bed, I  (brush, usually) my teeth.
8. Before I  to bed tonight, I  (read) a book to my son. 
9. After, I  (get) to work, I  (check, always) my emails.
10. After, I   (get) to work tomorrow, I  (check) my emails.
2. Complete the question.
What  (you, do) tomorrow, if it  (be) cold?      I  (eat) curry tomorrow, if it  cold.
Where  (you, go) next week, if  (you, feel) sick?       I  (go) to the doctor.
When  will you swim? If it  (be) hot tomorrow, I  (swim).
3. Ask the correct questions about the following sentence/story. Use the answers for help. The short answer is in BOLD.
After I get home in the evenings I usually sit in my favourite chair and read a book. But tonight will be different because I have to go to a friends birthday party. If the party finishes early I will read a book.
? I usually read a book in the evenings. 
? I usually read in the evenings.
? I usually sit in my favourite chair when I read a book. 
? If the party ends early I will read a book
? Because reading in the evening is relaxing.
? I usually read in the evening.