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Have, Has, Possessive Adjectives, Family, Question Words, LI 10

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1. Complete the Sentences with Have or Has and the correct Possessive Adjective (My, Your, His, Her, Our, Their, Its) and the verb to be.
She  a car.  car  fast. 
 a book.  book  interesting.                                 
We  a house.  house  big.
Mike  shirts.  shirts  stylish.
The dog   a collar.  collar  green.
Sam and you  a brother.  brother  cool.
He  a bike.  bike  yellow. 
John and I  daughters.  daughters  beautiful.
They  a dog.  dog  cute.
My mother  a swimming pool.  swimming pool  deep.
Sarah and Josh  cats.  cats  lazy.
2. The Family and the possessive 's - NO DIVORCES OR SEPARATIONS OR DEATHS. Use only one word!
My sister's mother is my .                                          My mother and father are my .
My father's son  is my .                                            My son and daughter are my .
My brother's wife is my .                              My grandmother and grandfather are my .
My  husband is my brother-in-law.                        My brother's son is my
My wife is my mother.                                          My sister's son is my .
My  brother is my brother.                                      My brother's daughter is my 
My daughter's brother is my .                                         My father's nephew is my 
My son's mother is my .                                                My mother's niece is my .
My  son is my cousin.                                              My daughter's daughter is my .
My cousin's father is my .                                            My daughter's son is my .
My mother's sister is my .                                             My wife's father is my .
My  father is my grandfather.                                 My  husband is my son.
My  husband is my grandfather.                    My husband's mother is my .
My parent's daughter is my .                                      My  husband is my son-in-law.
3.  Ask the correct question about the sentence. Use the answer for help. The short answer is in BOLD.
 I often see my cousins on weekends at their houses. We usually have a barbecue and talk about our week.
? Yes, I often see my cousins on weekends. 
? I usually see my cousins on weekends.
? I usually see my cousins on weekends
? I usually see my cousins at their houses.
? I often see my cousin. 
? I see my cousins on weekends. 
? I see my cousins because I like to talk to them.
? I have many cousins.
? My family is very big.
? Yes, my family is very big.