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Technology Time

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 1- Choose the correct option
2- Write
 3-Read the words and put the sentences in the correct order.
4- Read and answer the questions.
How often do Toni and Paul play computer games?
How often does Paul listen to an MP3 player?  
How often does Toni send text messages? 
Does Toni often go online? 
Does Paul  sometimes write emails?
Do Toni and Paul always use a webcam? 
5- Choose the correct option
Paul photography.
Paul an MP3 player.
Toni and Paul    use a webcam to speak to their aunty in the USA.
Toni and Paul always computer games at the weekend.
Toni often emails at the weekend. 
Toni always to an MP3 player at the weekend.
Toni photos at the weekend.
Paul sends text messages.
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