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My neighborhood

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My neighborhood


My neighborhood is very quiet and silent.  It is an old neighborhood, and there are many big houses and some apartment buildings. The streets are very clean and quiet. Near my house there are two schools and a university, there's also a park. The houses have large gardens, there are many trees and flowers.

My neighborhood is near Park Avenue, which is is downtown. On Park Avenue, there are many stores, bars and restaurants. There are people coming and going all the time! My neighborhood is great but there are no hospitals nearby. The police station is also far away, but in general, it is a safe place to live.

- Read the text and check the sentences that are true.
1- There are many stores and bars in the neighborhood. 
2- The neighborhood is very noisy.
3- The hospital is far away from the neighborhood.
4- Park Avenue is a busy street.
5- This neighborhood is pretty safe.
6- There are no apartment buildings in this neighborhood.