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B09 = My Family. Who Questions and How Many questions.

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B09: My family. Who questions, How many questions
1. Look at the picture and fill in the correct words. Don't forget plurals. Laura is speaking!
Hello! My name is Laura. Henry is my . Bill and Sue are my .
I have 2 , Tom and Michael. Michael's  is Martha. Tom is single because he is fat.
My  is Sue and my  is Bill. They are .
Bill has 3 , David, Rachel and Hannah. David's  is George. He is the oldest in the family and is my .  
Martha, my , is really beautiful. She has 2  and a .
My , David is the youngest in the family. His favourite  is Tom because he doesn't like bald people. I am his favourite . David has 2  but Bill only has one 
My  is Mary. She is  to George. George is my . They are my 
Martha's favourite  is Tom because she also doesn't like bald people.
My , Bill loves his  - George and Mary. Mary and George have 5 , 2  and 3 .
Tom has 3  but Michael only has one .
2. Ask Laura questions
Who is George?     George is my .
Who is Henry?     Henry is my .
Who is Tom?         Tom is my 
Who is Bill?         Bill is my .
3. Ask Tom questions
Who is Henry?        Henry is my .
Who is Martha?       Martha is my .
Who is Bill?        Bill is my .
Who is Sue?         Sue is my .
4. Ask Mary questions
Who is Martha?     Martha is my .
Who is Michael?       Michael is my .
Who is Henry?        Henry is my .
Who is Sue?        Sue is my .
Who is David?     David is my .
5. Ask Bill questions
Who is Sue?        Sue is my .
Who is David?        David is my .
Who is Rachel?    Rachel is my .
Who is Tom?        Tom is my .
Who is Martha?     Martha is my .
6. Who am I? 
My sister-in-law's daughter is my mother's grandson's cousin. I am .
7. Questions.
How many cousins does Bill have?        Bill has  cousins.
How many brothers does Laura have?    Laura has  brothers.
How many children does Michael have?    Michael has  children.
How many sons does Henry have?             Henry has son. 
How many daughters does Mary have?    Mary has  daughter.