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Comparative Adverbs

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Adverbs Comparatives 

A. Comparative Adverbs

Example:  think he’s a careless driver.

He drives very carelessly.

1.       I think she’s a careful worker.

She very .

2.       I think he’s a slow chess player.

He  chess very .

3.       I think she’s a graceful dancer.

She very .

4.       I think they are good actors.

They are very .

5.       I think he’s a careless skier.

He very .

6.       I think she’s a fast runner.

She very .

7.       I think she’s a beautiful singer.

She very .

8.       I think they are bad painters.

They very badly.

9.       I think shes's a hard worker.

She very .

10.   I think she is an accurate translator.

She very .

B. you can do better
Example: Am I working fast enough?

                Actually, you should work faster.

1.       Am I painting carefully enough?

Actually you should paint .

2.       Am I typing quickly enough?

Actually, you should type .

3.       Am I dancing gracefully enough?

Actually, you should dance .

4.       Am I speaking loud enough?

       Actually, you should speak .

5.       Am I driving slowly enough?

Actually, you should drive .

6.       Am I translating accurately enough?

Actually, you should translate .

7.       Am I playing well enough?

Actually, you should play .


C. Opposite Comparative Adverbs

Examples: Bob speaks very quickly.

                He should try to speak slower.

1.       Timothy types very slowly.

He should try to type .

2.       Howard speaks very softly.

He should try to speak .

3.       Linda goes to bed very late.

She should try to go to bed .

4.       They dress very sloppily.

They should try to dress .

5.       Richard speaks to his parents very impolitely.

He should try to speak to his parents .