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Boo PI - Unit 1 - Expressions

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Boo PI – Unit 1

Choose the correct phrase to complete the definition/example.


ALL MY BEST   /   EACH OTHER   /    KEEP IN TOUCH   /    MUST GO   /    

  1. It´s used to indicate that a relationship or an action is reciprocal among the numbers of the set referred to by the antecedent:  Eg.  “The Boys like     "
  2.  After having talked for a long time about someone who you have never met before, you need to   So you decide to meet this person.
  3. Someone keeps talking to you when you are really tired or busy and you need to leave.  So one polite way to stop talking to this person and leave is by saying “Sorry, it´s late.  I .”
  4. When you are leaving a place and want to say “goodbye” in a polite and friendly way you say:  “ Louise.  See you later!”
  5.  It means to continue to write, speak to or see someone that you don´t usually see very often.  Eg. Paul and Sue used to be my neighbours for a long time but they move 5 years ago.  However, we still
  6.  This phrase is used for saying goodbye to someone who you know when you expect to see them again soon.  Eg.  “Bye Tom,  sweetheart!”
  7. It´s a spoken phrase used when saying goodbye in order to wish someone success, good health and happiness for the future.  Eg.  Well, I have to go, so and see you soon.
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