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Match sentences 1-6 with the opposite meanings a-f.
1. I get on well with my neighbour - she's always smiling.
2. It's never a problem if I ask a favour of my neighbours.
3. I prefer to mind my own business so I don't ask the neighbours personal questions.
4. I sometimes invite my neighbour over for coffee.
5. My neighbour's dog is a nuisance - he's always barking early in the morning.
6. We didn't get to know our neighbours for years.
a). My neighbour has pets but they never disturb me.
b). My neighbour gets on my nerves - he's always complaining.
c). We made friends with our neighbours immediately.
d). I like to keep myself to myself so my neighbour hasn't been in my house.
e). I'm always doing favours for my neighbours.
f). I can be quite nosy so I often ask my neighbours about their lives!