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Messages 3 - Unit 6 Review

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Unit 6 Review - Messages 3
 1. Key vocabulary - At the table


1. You eat soup with it.
2. You put water in it.
5. and 3. You put them on your food.
4. You put your food on it.
6. You cut your meat with it.
7. You eat spaghetti with it.
8. You read it when you choose your meal.
9. You wipe your hands and mouth with it. 
 2. WILL / WON'T BE ABLE TO - Match the sentences!
 1. Lee's got a bald cold.                                                   a) We'll be able to make one this weekend.
 2. Gran gave us her recipe for apple cake.                       b) She won't be able to mend it. 
 3. They aren't showing the match on TV.                        c) She'll be able to go to university.
 4. This bag is very heavy!                                                d) He won't be able to go swimming tomorrow.
 5. Greg isn't doing anything tomorrow.                            e) You'll be able to meet them. 
 6. Lisa dropped her phone from the upstairs window.      f) He'll be able to take us to the beach in his car.
 7. My cousins are coming to the barbecue.                       g) You won't be able to carry it very far.
 8. Jane got good results in all her exams.                              h) We won't be able to watch it.
                            1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
 3. First Conditional - Alex is talking about his girlfriend to his friend Luke. Complete the conversation. Choose the right answer!
ALEX:      I'm really fed up, Luke. I think Suzie fancies Brian Carey. 
LUKE:      But she's your girlfriend. 
ALEX:      Look. I found this photo of him in her bag. 
LUKE:      Did you take that from Suzie's bag?  really angry if she finds out. 
ALEX:      She won't find out if  tell her. Anyway, it doesn't matter. She  to take lots more photos of Brian if she  to go out with him. And she won't  to hide them in her bag.
LUKE:      Hang on. She's coming into the classroom. She looks worried. 
SUZIE:   Alex! I had a photo in my bag and now I can't find it. It's a photo of Brian Carey for the school magazine. They need it this afternoon. If  find it, they  able to finish the page, and if they  finish the page,  really annoyed with me.       
LUKE:      Alex, I think you've got a few things to explain. 
4. Key expressions - Polite requests - Complete the requests! 
1) Can I have some crisps, please? (some crisps / have / I) 
2) Could ? (the door / open / you) 
3) I. (a beefburger / like)  
4) Could ? (your phone / use / I) 
5) I. (an apple / like) 
6) Could ? (the water / pass / me) 
5. Odd one out - Which word is the odd one out? 
a) dessert      meal                main course         starter  
b) knife          spoon              serviette             fork  
c) plate          cup                  glass                    bottle  
d) melon         carrot             orange                 apple  
e) salt            ketchup           pepper                soup  
f) chips          mushrooms      vegetarians         peas  
g) steak         chicken            ham                     tart  
h) rice           cheese             cream                  butter  
6. WILL / WON'T for promises - Complete each reply with a promise. Use will or won't with the given words. 
 send you an email         come in a minute         visit you again         be late         forget      hurt         
 a) Remember - Close the windows before you go out! OK, Mum. I .
 b) You must be home before midnight. Yes, I know. I .
 c) Thanks a lot for coming. We  on Saturday.
 d) Will you write to me? Yes, I  every day.
 e) I'm a bit nervous about this. Don't worry. I promise it .
 f) I'd like some help in the kitchen, please. OK. I .

 7. Might / Might not - Complete the sentences. Use might or might not with the given words. 

 agree          have          be          go          snow          belong

 a) There were television cameras at our school today. We  on TV!

 b) It's very cold. I think it  soon.

 c) I'm sure what I'll have for lunch. I had a big breakfast. so I  anything.

 d) A: Will we see Danny on Friday?

     B: I don't know. He  come to the disco. He didn't enjoy it last week.

 e) A: Whose are these sunglasses?

     B: I'm not sure. They  to Paula.

 f) I think this band is great, but you . Lot's of people don't like them.


 8. 'll / won't   and   might / might not - Write the sentences in a different way. Use 'll/won't/might/might not.

a) Maybe Maria won't pass her science exam. Maria  her science exam.

b) I don't think Kate's friends will be at the party. Kate's friends probably  to the party.

c) I'm not sure I can pay for both these books. I  enough money for both these books.

d) I'm always nervous when I'm in a car, so I probably won't be a good driver. I'm always nervous when I'm in a car, so I don't think I  good at driving.

e) Perhaps Gerard's parents will give him a surfboard. Gerard  a surfboard from his parents.


9. Reading - Ideas about the future - Read the article from a school magazine. Then complete the sentences with the right name: Gemma or Nick. 

                                                            LOOKING   INTO   THE   FUTURE... 

 Gemma Lyons, 15

           Job: I'm not interested in going to university when I leave school, but I'm going to work in an office or a shop. I'll get a job outdoors if I can. I like working with plants, so I'll probably look for a job as a gardener. The money might not be great, but I'll enjoy the work. And one day I might be able to grow my own plants and to sell them. I'd like to have my own business.

           Home: I really want to be independent, but I won't be able to leave home for a few years. One day I'll get a little flat on my own. I don't think I'll move away from this town. It's nice here and I'd like to stay near my family.


Nick Sanderson, 16 

           Job: I think I'll be able to do a science course at university and I'd like to get a job that helps the environment. But I don't think it'll be easy to find an interesting job. I'd love to study whales or dolphins, but that will be difficult. There's a lot of competitions for jobs like that. 

           Home: I'll probably share the house with other students when I'm at university. After that, I'm not sure where I'll live. I might not be able to find work here. If someone offers me a good job in another country, perhaps I'll take it. 


a)  will probably study at a university. e)  won't live at home after his/her final year at school.

b)  doesn't want to work inside.     f)  wants to live alone.

c)  is optimistic about finding a job.     g)  might live abroad.

d)  is quite ambitious.                     h)  is more confident about the future than .


10. Artificial Intelligence - Tick three compound nouns! 

 washing mashine                           common                                coffee maker 

 improve                                       own                                      develop

 laboratory                                           oven                                        computer chip

                                                        grow up


 11. Match the sentences!

 1. Scientist are developing a rocket plane.                           a) I'll put them in the washing machine.

 2. Luis spent six months in London.                             b) She isn't a little girl anymore.

 3. My aunt works in a laboratory.                          c) One day people will fly from London to Sydney in two hours.

 4. My coffee maker's broken.                                           d) He doesn't live with us anymore.  

 5. Look at my jeans - they're really dirty.                          e) They're called computer chips.

 6. People all over the world use mobiles.                     f) She makes robots for the European Space Project.

 7. I can't cook this chicken.                                              g) His English has improved a lot.

 8. Ellie's growing up fast.                                                  h) They're very common now.

 9. My brother has got his own flat now.                     i) The oven doesn't work.

 10. Modern machines have got brains.                  j) What about a cup of tea.

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10