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Units 7 and 8. Conditional Sentences

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1   Complete the first conditional sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets.

__ If the Government wins the election,
’ll introduce new laws.

1_ If Manchester United (win), I (be) very happy.

2_ Sandra  (learn) to drive if her parents (let) her.

3_ If they (not work) harder, they(fail) their exams.

4_ We _ (call) you if we (find) your key.

5_ If we (not vote), the Government (not change).

6_ If the Government (raise) taxes, people (have) less money.
7_ Sandra (not do) piano lessons unless her parents (make) her.
8_ If we  (not vote), the Government (not change).
9_ We (text) him if we  (find)his book.
10_ If they (not study) harder, they (fail) their exams.  

2   Correct the mistakes.

1_ We’ll be rich if you didn’t spend so much money.

2_ You walked more often if you didn’t have a car.

3_ He’d have more friends if he was honest.

4_If I was a politician, I made life better. .

5_ If we did have our own boat, we’d live on it.

3   Make third conditional sentences with the words. Use the correct form of the verbs and if.

     A   You weren’t at the party last night. Why not?

     B   (I / come / I know / about it)

          I would have come if I had known about it.

1   A   Mum, Dad. I only got 28% in my French exam.

     B   We’re not surprised. (you / pass / you / revise /
     for it)


2   A   Where’s my pizza? I wanted to have it for dinner!

  B   Oh … sorry. (I / not be / so hungry / I / not eat / it)

3   A   Don’t worry about the match. You played well.

 B   It’s our fault. (we / win / we / try / harder)


4   A   The bus left without the boys this morning.

 B   I know. (they / not be / so slow / they / not
     miss / it)