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Zero - First - Second Conditionals

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I.  Use the Zero Conditional (If + Simple Present - Simple Present) to fill in the blanks.
a)  If we _____________ (to heat) water to 100º C, it ______________________.(to boil)
b)  If I _______________(not - to water) the plants, they ____________________. (to die)
c)  If Ana ______________(to play), the team ____________________________. (to win) 
d)  Jessica ______________________ (to cry) if she ___________________ (to see) a cat. 
II. Use the First Conditional (If + Simple Present - Future) to fill in the blanks.
a)  If my mother _____________________________(to give) me money, I _______________ a new jacket.(to buy) 
b)  Grace ___________________________(to be) very happy if her team ____________ the championship. (to win) 
c)  If I ________________________________(to eat) a lot of chocolate, I ______________ a lot of acne. (to have) 
d)  Susie and Greg _______________(not - to buy) the car if Greg __________________the promotion.(not - to get) 
III. Use the Second Conditional (If + Simple Past - Would) to fill in the blanks.
a) I _________________________________ (to travel) to the beach if I _____________the money. (to have) 
b) If Amanda ______________(to be) here, she _________________ the kids eat so much candy. (not - to let) 
c)  My mother _____________(to make) a cake for you if you ___________________________ her. (to ask) 
d)  If I _______________________________(can) travel now, I ____________________ to Europe. (to go) 
IV. Answer the questions.
a) What would you do if you had one million dollars?
b)  What will you do tomorrow if you don´t have classes at school?