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First and Second Conditionals
 First Conditional (Real Conditional):        
We use the first conditional to express the result of a possible condition. We are considering  the possibility seriously; we think this can happen really.
 If    + subject  + present simple, subject     +   will ('ll) + infinitive
 Subject   +  will ('ll)   + infinitive if     + subject   + present simple
If it rains at the weekend, we will go to the cinema      -      We will go to the cinema if it rains at the weekend 
Second Conditional (Unreal/Hypothetical Conditional):
We use the second conditional to express the result of an imaginary condition. We are only imagining the situation: we don't think it is going to happen, or the reality is different from the situation.
 If    + subject   +   past simple, subject   + would ('d)     + infinitive
 Subject    +    would ('d)   +  infinitive if     +    subject   + past simple
If I won a lottery, I would buy a car  -   I would buy a car if I won a lottery     (I don't think I will win a lottery, I only imagine it.) 
If I had a car, I'd drive you to school  -  I'd drive you to school if I had a car  (The reality is different: I don't have a car.)
A. Choose the form that completes the sentences correctly:
1. If I saw a cocroach, I  it.
2. The teacher will be angry if we .
3. What  if you found $100 in the street?
4. My friends  upset if I didn't invite them to my party.
5. If you don't understand the exercise, I  it to you.
6. Where will you go if your father  you permission to go out on Friday?
7. I would travel to France if I  the opportunity.
8. His mother will get angry if he  her what has happened.
B. Now you write the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Do NOT use contractions:
1.  If I had time, I  (play) more sports.
2. Mark  (be) very happy if you give him that present.
3. I wouldn't read this book if I    (have) another option.
4. If the sun  (shine) tomorrow, we will go to the beach. 
5. I  (buy) you an ice cream if you finish all your food. 
6. The school director  (agree) with our idea if we told him.
7. If I  (know) the answer, I would tell you.
8. If Grace   (come), I will give her your message





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