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If-clauses: rephrasing

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Rephrasing: If-clauses
1. You shouldn't eat fish unless it's fresh
   If fish .
2. I didn't help you because you didn't ask me.
   If .
3. I can't find my glasses, so I can't read the paper.
   I'd .
4. If you don't kick the ball very hard, it won't reach the goal.
   Unless .
5. I would like to live in a castle, but I'm not rich enough
6. Sarah didn't attend the class because she overslept.
   If Sarah .
7. I didn't have your address, that's why I didn't pay you a visit.
   If I .
8. I don't know the answer. I can't tell you.
   If I .
9. Unless you read the text thoroughly, you won't understand it.
   If you .
10. I'm not going to open the window. It's too noisy.
   If .