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Wish clauses: rephrasing

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Rephrasing: Wish Clauses
1. I didn't accept their invitation and I am sorry.
   I wish .
2.  Unfortunately, I am unable to give up smoking.
   If only .
3. It's a pity our parents aren't here to help us.
   We wish .
4. Jean regrets not bringing her camera.
   If only Jean .
5. He keeps arriving late for class. It's getting on my nerves.
   I wish . It's getting on my nerves.
6. I'd like to live in a more interesting place.
   I wish .
7. We should have brought our umbrellas.
   We wish .
8. Why didn't I listen to her advice?
   If only 
9.  I regret telling her my secret. Now, everybody knows it.
   I wish  . Now, everybody knows it.
10. I'd like to be the manager of this company.
   If only .