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CONDITIONALS TYPE III (upper-intermediate level)
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Age: 14-17
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By using the information given, write complete conditional structures type 1. Use the
underlined information and the example given as reference. Respect the use of
capital letters as well as the use of commas and points. Do not use contractions
when writing negative structures. 

1.    I want to go to the mall next weekend to eat food from Taco Bell. 

If I go the mall next weekend, I will eat food from Taco Bell.  

1.    1. My mother doesn’t have a job, and she wants to buy a new bike next month.


1.    2. She is not going to pass the school year because she doesn’t study.


2.    3. My sister doesn’t have a boyfriend and she wants to get married soon.


4. Luis wants to go to the gym tomorrow but he doesn’t have money to pay for the taxi.


 5. I want to ride a bike tomorrow, but I don’t have a bike.


2.    6. Julieta loves to walk to school, but she can’t walk tomorrow because Julieta is sick.


  7. Christina does not have money, but she wants to buy a car.


8. Priscila loves to swim a lot, but she doesn’t have a swimming pool.