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On Screen C1 Unit 1 part 2

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Choose the correct word or expression
1.  it's a joke you tell to make sb angry   
2. unjustifiable dislike of sb different from you   
3. (of two people) totally different   
4. insignificant     
5. children   
6. to not have a close relationship with sb   
7. a human group with the same features    
8. to make sb look clearly different from others   
9. to cause sb to react angriliy   
10. even less (a co dopiero)   
11. sb's lookalike   
12. to suppose   
13. openly expressing your feelings   
14. owning people who work for you   
15. comprising various nationalities   
16. to bully sb   
17. to think   
18. honest   
19. (of two or more people) help and support for each other   
20. to help out   
21. a persistent look   
22. the idea you have before learning the facts