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Junior Explorer 7

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I. Wybierz odpowiednie tłumaczenie:
1. library - 
2. school - 
3. car park - 
4. hospital - 
5. old building - 
6. swimming pool - 
II. Wpisz odpowiednie słowo z zadania I. w języku angielskim, które odpowiada opisowi.
1. you learn there -  
2. it's a castle or a museum. You go there to learn about history - 
3. you are in water there and you do water sports like swimming - 
4. you borrow books in this place - 
5. you go there when you are ill or you break your leg or arm -  
6. you leave your car there - 
III. Przetłumacz zdania na język polski w zeszycie.
1. I go to the library to borrow books every Sunday.
2. Yesterday they went to the swimming pool.
3. I don't like visiting old buildings. They are boring and ugly.
4. Now we aren't going to school because there is an epidemic.
5. There are a lot of people in the hospitals now.
6. Leave your car in that car park behind the cinema.